Wednesday, December 4, 2013

THE ATOMIC BRAIN (1963) movie review

Atomic Brain, The (aka Monstrosity) (1963) d. Joseph Mascelli (USA)

A mysterious scientist (Frank Gerstle) is revealed to be messing around with mysterious practices in his aging landlady’s Los Angeles basement, the ultimate goal being to transplant her gray matter into a fresh new body. To this purpose, they have sought out the services of three international housemaids/potential donors, hailing from Mexico (Lisa Lang), Austria (Erika Peters) and jolly olde England (Judy Bamber).

Once she’s got them inside, the flinty old biddy (Marjorie Eaton) decides she’ll take the buxom blonde model from the land of fish ‘n’ chips, keeping the Teuton on hold as a back-up and rejecting La Senorita outright due to an unsightly birthmark. (Our darker-hued lass ends up becoming yet another guinea pig, or rather guinea cat, as the case may be.)

Falling somewhere on the goofy scale between the failed experiments staggering around the grounds and the dodgy science (a human brain inside a feline skull???) are the recent émigrés’ accents, ranging from nonexistent to gratingly awful.

Bountifully bonkers and blessedly brief (64 min.), with only Xerxes the Cat escaping with his self respect reasonably intact.

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