Wednesday, January 30, 2013

RARE EXPORTS (2010) movie review

Rare Exports (2010) d. Helander, Jelmari (Finland)

The femalien and I spent our Christmas Eve watching this awesomely dark fantasy film about the origins and resurrection of that not-so-jolly old Christmas elf from within the bowels of the frozen Finnish tundra, one that belongs on the same cult holiday counterprogramming shelf as Silent Night Deadly Night, Gremlins, and Christmas Evil.

A feature-length follow up/prequel to Helander’s festival fave short films (available on YouTube HERE and HERE or as special features on the RE disc) about domesticating wild Santa Clauses, with a great cast and some impressive special effects on a relatively small $4 million budget. Now children can experience the holiday wonder of nightmarish bearded naked old men year after year.

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