Monday, September 3, 2012

RABIES (2010) movie review

Rabies (aka Kalevet)(2010) d. Keshales, Aharon/Papushado, Navot

The title is a bit of a distraction, but I certainly went mad for this flick, billed as Israel’s first horror effort. (If this is any indication of the blood-blasting instincts of the Promised Land’s population, I say hand over the checkbook and let these kids rock the house.) A group of teens en route to a tennis match, a park ranger and his girlfriend, a homicidal killer and his victim and her brother, and two police officers cross paths again and again and again, with stunning and surprising results. In serving a superbly twisted screenplay in all senses of the word, a wealth of memorable stock characters are tossed together and, through an Altman-like series of close encounters, proceed to slice, dice, hack, shoot and smash each other to bits. Sure there are more than a few scenarios that we’ve seen before in Western horror efforts, but to my mind, half the fun is watching Keshales and Papushado put their own particular stamp on the clich├ęs. Highly recommended.

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