Tuesday, October 31, 2017

DARK HARVEST (1992) DVD review

Dark Harvest (1992) d. Nicholson, James I. (USA) (1st viewing) 89 min

This may be the top-billed offering for Intervision’s double feature DVD, but while it leads the way in terms of low-budget nudity (really, almost everyone takes their top off here) and a few gore moments, it falls way, WAY short of its poor relation (the Vincent Price-hosted omnibus effort Escapes, which appears as a bonus) as a coherent slice of entertainment. Seriously, this does nothing to dispel the myth that most killer scarecrow movies flat-out suck. Because Dark Harvest flat-out sucks.

I can barely work up the energy to discuss this yawnfest, but I’ll try. A group of tourists (sigh) played by no-name actors (sigh) plan an excursion in the great outdoors (SIGH) and their engine breaks down (BIG SIGH) and they are forced to trek over dangerous terrain beset by crazed locals (SIIIIIIIIIIGH) and amateur-hour costumed killers (GAHHHHHHHHHHH), all shot with terrible sound (OH GAHHHHHH) and miserable shot-on-video (SOV) cinematography (I JUST... I... OH...) and bargain basement special effects (*falls off chair, collapses on floor*).

So, yeah.

But, just in case you wanted to know more about those involved in making this colossal waste of time, there are a couple extras, kicking off with “Patti Negri Remembers Dark Harvest” (we’re sorry, Patti) as the actress and “famous psychic” discusses the shoot where found elements were often incorporated into the script including the deserted cabin and a dead dog, as well as a few supernatural tales from her own life.

“Dan Weiss Remembers Dark Harvest via Skype” (oh my god, could I get any more excited) has the actor –whose only other onscreen credit is “Denise’s Husband” in Scanner Cop II – revealing that Negri helped get him the gig and confirming that Nicholson was all about improvising and discovering moments on set. Good times.

Dark Harvest is available now on DVD (with Escapes) from Severin Films and can be ordered HERE:



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