Monday, June 30, 2014

THE BEAST IN HEAT (1977) movie review

Beast in Heat, The (aka SS Hell Camp) (1977) d. Luigi Batzella (as Ivan Kathansky) (Italy)

Clearly inspired by Don Edmonds’ Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS, writer/director Batzella (with help from screenwriter Lorenzo Artale) stitches together a gruesome tale of an unscrupulous and uncommonly busty Nazi doctor (Macha Magall) performing rather ill-defined experiments that involve torturing female POWs with electricity, guinea pigs disguised as rats, or, worst of all, having them sexually devoured by a caged, hairy, barely-human monster (played with great enthusiasm by Italian strongman Sal Boris).

Unfortunately, the dual storyline of a group of resistance fighters bogs things down considerably, only picking up in the last half hour with plenty of explosions and firefights. But Magall’s every scene is pure exploitation gold, with the gorgeous brunette lapping up the scenery with unfettered glee as she dishes out punishment to men and women alike. It’s a crime Beast represents her penultimate screen role – this woman should have been a star.

"Infant target practice? Vot vill dey tink of next? Hahahahaha..."

Recommended for those versed in the art of fast-forwarding, although once you cross the halfway mark, you can  pretty much toss the remote and revel in the wicked wickedness.

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