Friday, June 7, 2013

WILDERNESS (2006) movie review

Wilderness (2006) d. Bassett, Michael J. (UK)

A fine example of what a low budget film can be with solid, gritty acting and excellent use of an outdoor setting. Sean Pertwee plays a tough-nosed prison official who oversees an outing to an isolated island location, attempting to bring unity and team-building skills to his delinquents. When a group of female prisoners is discovered, having coincidentally come to the island for a similar purpose, the tension thickens.

But when the group discovers someone else is also in the woods – armed with a bad attitude and lethal aim with a crossbow – their character-building exercise becomes savage battle for survival against their mysterious assailant, the elements and each other.

A bit clich├ęd at times, to be sure, but much better than its humble slasher trappings would indicate. Helmed by Michael J. Bassett, who showed his mettle directing ensemble horror with 2002’s Deathwatch, and scripted by first-timer Dario Poloni who would go on to write the well received Black Death four years later.

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