Saturday, June 1, 2013

SEE NO EVIL (2006) movie review

See No Evil (2006) d. Dark, Gregory (USA)

Yes, it’s the “Kane the wrestler” horror flick (the first from the World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. folks), and it’s pure horror junk food for all who are so inclined. Stupid, ridiculous characters? Check. Gore galore? Check. Complete absence of logic? Check and double-check. Screenwriter Dan Madigan's idea of co-ed convicts being given a work-release assignment of refurbishing an old hotel is a stretch to begin with, but then for them to be given basically free rein to wander about the premises, engage in amorous activities, etc. while their supervising officer mills about downstairs blows the central logic circuits.

The only way to enjoy this messy mash-up is simply to switch off the synapses and giggle like the blood fiend you are as eyeballs are plucked, bodies are broken and brains are bashed. To the movie’s credit, Kane (aka Jacob Goodnight) does a fine job, there are some good, gooey set-pieces, a couple of unforeseen plot twists and the over-the-top climax will have viewers shouting an appreciative “Yeeeeeaaah!” out loud. Big, dumb and loud, just the way WWE fans like it.

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