Wednesday, October 1, 2014



It's that time of year again. After a brief sabbatical, the Doc is back at it, watching as many scary movies as possible during the month of October to raise funds and awareness for a charitable cause. In the past, we've raised thousands of dollars for Season of Concern, AmeriCares, and The Friends of Children. However, this year, I'm trying an experiment: Rather selecting the beneficiary of our efforts, it's up to YOU to choose where your hard-earned dollars go.

Whether it's a high-profile entity (American Cancer Society, ALS), a local support house for women and children, a favorite arts organization, animal rescue, or your friend's Kickstarter, here's that oft-needed push to do something good for someone else with no ribbons or ice bucket videos required. Plus, you will also be raising awareness about your particular cause, as I will be posting links to the organizations' respective websites right here on the daily H101 blog posts and as well as on Facebook.

My usual donation suggestion is 10 cents ($0.10) per film, but you can go as high or low as you like. For the price of a jumbo pack of Halloween candy, you can make a huge difference in someone's life.

Mmmmm, philanthropy tastes delicious...

Three easy steps:
1) Choose your charity (or charities, if you're so inclined)
2) Decide how much you'd like to pledge per film (my plan is to watch 80-100 movies, so budget accordingly)
3) Share the Scare! (i.e. tell your friends)

Email me at with 1) and 2) any time during October; at the end of the month, I'll let you know how many movies were watched, how much you personally raised, a list of all the charities, and the grand total amount.

That's it! Thanks for your time, everyone, and have a happy and safe Halloween!!!


(Special Thanks to Christianne Benedict of Krell Laboratories for the fancy banners!)

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