Tuesday, October 1, 2013

MIRROR MIRROR (1990) movie review

Mirror Mirror (1990) d. Sargenti, Marina (USA)

Enjoyable little riff on the old haunted mirror gambit (although oddly enough there’s not a lot that is related in any way to reflecting or vision, which seems like a bit of a missed opportunity, but I digress). Rainbow Harvest plays an achingly shy misfit relocated from Los Angeles after the sudden death of her father, trying to start anew with kooky mom Karen Black.

Her gothy getups don’t win her much favor with her high school classmates, especially resident bitches Charlie Spradling and Dorit Sauer, but nice girl Kristin Nattilo steps up to take the new chick under her wing. Harvest’s confidence grows as things start to go her way, but it seems she’s getting a little supernatural help from the murmuring antique residing in her bedroom corner.

Anyone who does the young lady in black wrong gets it back tenfold in the form of monsters mauling, showers scalding, digits disposed and tongues trimmed. The performances are all equitable and the gore score goes up to about a 7 or 8, making the whole affair go down pretty easy. No classic, but amiable post-'80s fun.


  1. Those were some awesome buttcheeks on the nude girl whose scalded to death.

    1. Charlie Spradling, ladies and gents, whose gloriousness can also be seen in PUPPET MASTER II and TO SLEEP WITH A VAMPIRE.